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ACT in 2015

There have been some mild shake-ups in the A City Traced world – Will moved himself to the wild and beautiful land of Oregon and Prudence (who is writing this blog post) has been working as a researcher on the funky finances of New York political campaigns. But, thanks to the help of old and […]

A New Year’s Tour of a Changing Queens

Happy 2015! Last Sunday, Will, Dan and Prudence documented a walking tour given by Jack Eichenbaum in Willets Point, Queens. The weather was cold, but the sun was out and it was interesting to hear the story of Queens’ agragian past as we strolled through the manicured Flushing Meadows Park and potholed and flooded concrete […]

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

The parade may have passed, but for those who missed it, here’s a bite-sized serving that Will shot and edited in 2009:

Springtime in the Archives

We’ve spent the past few days researching at Cornell Library’s Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections in beautiful, misty Ithaca. Our eyeballs and fingers have gone over boxes upon boxes of early planning ephemera, notes, letters, and schemes. Here’s an example of a 1920’s glass negative: a photo of the majestic Woolworth Building (with the […]

Roberta Brandes Gratz interview

We recently interviewed author and historic preservationist Roberta Brandes Gratz during a gray and rainy afternoon. Her most recent book is Battle for Gotham: New York in the Shadow of Jane Jacobs and Robert Moses, and she regaled us, as the rain turned to fat white flakes of sleet, with tales of New York City’s […]

The Port and Sandy

In October we had the pleasure of speaking with Eric Darton, author of Divided We Stand: A Biography of the World Trade Center. Our interview’s finale was in Battery Park City, with the marina and the World Financial Center as our backdrop.

An 1890 Manhattan Patchwork!

This amazing, confusing-to-read, quilt was created from census data showing the nationality mix of the time – A glorious island of immigrants! Here’s some of what the creator’s of the map had to say: The census of 1890 obtained the nationality of the residents of each sanitary district by descent from the mother. The table […]

Who are streets for?

The Hunts Point Cooperative Market is desired by New York City not just for the food that enters and exits its terminal, but also for the jobs it provides. The Hunts Point Cooperative Market contributes to the congestion that snarls up the South Bronx, and to the diesel fumes that the neighborhood’s astronomical child asthma […]