The Port and Sandy

In October we had the pleasure of speaking with Eric Darton, author of Divided We Stand: A Biography of the World Trade Center. Our interview’s finale was in Battery Park City, with the marina and the World Financial Center as our backdrop.

The Freedom Tower as framed by Battery Park City

The Port Authority, which built The World Trade Center, was originally created to maintain and upgrade the city and region’s port – which has now been almost entirely shunted off to New Jersey. We chose to end our interview at the marina as an homage to the city’s watery past, for New York City would not have its economic and cultural wealth if it were not for the port.

Our crew capturing Eric Darton’s interview, from left to right:
Eugune (sound), Dan and Martyna (camera)

A few weeks later, we found ourselves observing the surreal and heartbreaking destruction of Sandy. On Staten Island, we saw roving bands of volunteers helping homeowners with the painful and slow cleanup process.

We ended the day at a neighborhood directly abutting a marina and witnessed the after-affects of yachts turned into missiles as piers were lifted off of their pilings. The absurd and horrible destruction of Sandy is mind-bending. It is a very present reminder that, despite Manhattan’s attempt to turn its back on its maritime history, New York City as a whole is still a community who cannot afford to ignore the ever-present ocean.

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