Recording the sounds of the city, with a DIY belt clip


Martyna and Douglas capture the moving image; Will reaches in for that sweet, sweet sound

In order to extend our audio range as we do more and more shooting outside of our more controlled interview setups, we recently started using a boom attached to an external audio recorder, in this case the Tascam DR100 mkII.

Not having any kind of belt clip, our first time out it sat in a bag, along with the mic cables.  We quickly learned that this was not the way to go, since you couldn’t read any of the panels, and the gain knobs were easily shifted when coming in and out of the bag.  So, we came up with a down and dirty, yet functional solution: we fashioned a belt clip out of materials scrounged from the miscellaneous tray of our toolbox: a 1/4″ screw used to stabilize the motor of a ceiling fan during shipping, a steel bracket, a key ring, and a small carabiner.

Turned out to work pretty well–quick access to meters and controls, with the cables hanging nice and easy!Tascam Clip

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